Recruitment Areas

IRESCO is proudly offering its prestigious Recruitment Services in multiple disciplines:

We are considered to be one of the most emerging Employment Agencies in Pakistan that has the privilege of having various authorized contracts and agreements with some outclass multinational companies to provide the manpower from Pakistan. Our respectable clients are primarily from Saudi Arabia and in the Middle East which has declared us as the professional Employment Agency in Pakistan.

Our professional staff members are in Saudi Arabia and Pakistan and work so hard to offer world-class Recruitment Services. We also offer contract based jobs with different well-known companies in Saudi Arabia and UAE every year. The requirements of Manpower from Pakistan is increasing day by day and hence, we feel honored to be the part of this constant growth and improvement.

IRESCO is considered as the reliable originator of providing best specialized Human Resources at all the standards in the following industry sectors:

  • Engineering Jobs at various Companies
  • Oil and Gas Industry Jobs
  • FMCG Sector Recruitment
  • Petrochemical Engineering Recruitment
  • Healthcare/Pharmaceuticals
  • HR & Administration Jobs
  • Education and Teaching Job Recruitment
  • Project Management Jobs
  • Hospitality Industry
  • Construction Industry Recruitment
  • Chauffeuring Jobs
  • Labor and Technician Recruitment
  • Tour and Travel Jobs
  • Telecom Sector Jobs
  • Software Development Jobs
  • IT & Call Center Recruitment Agency
  • Transportation Industry Jobs
  • Retail & Trading Industry Jobs
  • Shipping & Aviation Recruitment

A most widespread employment agency in Pakistan for the engineering sector:

Engineering sector plays a vital role in the growth and development of the country. That’s the reason, these disciplines need exceptionally qualified and skilled professionals. The talented labor tends to prove as the most challenging and valuable asset for the candidates as well as clients, and show an ideal working experience, with the best knowledge and high qualifications.

IRESCO shortlist those candidates which possess the best technical understanding, essential skills, highest qualifications and the proven experience. Moreover, we also take the best care of the physical fitness of our selected candidates, so that they can work efficiently with heavy mechanical equipment under complicated circumstances.

Our professionals also provide multiple solutions for Temporary & Permanent Staffing in Pakistan and throughout the world. We even provide highly suitable candidates to the our clients for different types of attractive job openings in relevant categories which included but not limited to Doctors, Labors, Construction Labors ( Steel Fixers,Masons, Painters etc.),Farmers for FMCG Enterprises, Sales Staff (Marketing Executives),IT Professionals ( Programmers),Networking Staff, Telecom Staff and Engineers, Petrochemicals, Financial Services, Education and Teaching, Engineers, HTV Drivers and Project Managers.

Doctors Recruitment:

We work hard to offer most professional and skillful doctors to different recognized hospitals in KSA and the Middle East. We have thousands of potential clients in the Middle East who also have the well authorized IRESCO Company certification to cater the doctor’s needs of various vast categories in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. That’s the reason we always encourage Pakistani Doctors to talk to IRESCO experts in order to explore amazing opportunities in Pakistan, Middle East and across the world.

Labors Recruitment:

Pakistani labor market is playing an effective role in Middle East industry. Our land offers millions of highly skilled and diligent labors to the Middle East and multiple areas of the world to build housing schemes, companies, buildings and different other areas. We provide efficient labors to penetrate in the Middle East market; they are based on the requirement of our esteemed clients, their initialization tasks are performed carefully and then appropriate candidates’ labor is carefully selected to cater the needs of our clients.

Construction Recruitment:

Pakistani Construction Industry plays leading role in country’s growth as well. They offer most sustainable results based on their skills. Keeping this in mind, we work hard to cater to our client’s needs in a highly professional and timely manner. We also fulfill the needs of our esteemed clients by offering them the skilled, semi-skilled and unskilled construction labor from Pakistan. The company offers skilled manpower in the Construction Industry that also fulfills the requirements of our potential clients so that our team of Project Manager, Civil Engineers and Labors could be provided.


Our professional staff strives to offer the equal Employment opportunities in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East for all the underprivileged and un-educated hard working Pakistani farmers. We enable them to make good earnings, enhance their lifestyle and tend to feed their families in the most efficient way possible. Our respectable clients offer us the privilege to fulfill the roles of the farming sector in FMCG with Pakistani farmer who are playing the major role in making this green land fertile with their hard work, efficiency, and talent.

Sales Staff:

Sales sector is just like the backbone of any company’s sustainable growth. We offer skilled, qualified and educated sales staff in various sectors of Industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East.

Telecom Recruitment:

We also provide highly talented and qualified professionals in the field of Telecommunication. The industry is growing quickly and expanding its roots in Saudi Arabia and other countries. If you want to utilize the skills and expertise of Pakistani professionals in Telecom field, you can hire the team of motivated people in the fastest growing Telecom industry of Gulf.

IRESCO offer the professional clients and the candidates a reliable platform to boost their career and welcome them into the field of Mobile and Telecom industries and Telecommunications in expanding Middle East market.

IT Recruitment:

Use of computers, advanced technology and computers are associated with the growth of the IT industry. That’s why it’s important to recruit highly qualified and skilled professional in this discipline. The development of this sector also leads to the demand for skilled professional and the routine maintenance staff.

IT industry is considered as the paced and constantly growing field in the Middle East and in Saudi Arabia. It has essentially opened the doors of various attractive opportunities for Pakistanis. So as a result, millions of Pakistanis are now contributing in the overall development and advancement of IT Industry in Saudi Arabia and the Middle East. IRESCO also offers equal opportunity to all the Pakistani candidates to come forward to earn more name and fame, gain progress for the competition and explore their bright future.

Oil and Gas Recruitment:

IRESCO offers best Recruitment Services to Oil and Gas companies in Saudi Arabia. The company has generated a proven track record of reliable manpower placements across different attractive profiles from professional Managers to skilled and semi-skilled Manpower Recruitment from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf Countries. Our professional also provides talented candidates in the field of Oil & Gas.

Financial Services:

Finance and banking sector is considered to be the most specialized industries which play important role in the global economy. To fulfill the latest demands of our potential clients in Saudi Arabia and other countries, these sectors want the experts with efficient focus as well as growing quicker than ever before.

With such great economic development, the finance industry is now changing the hands, especially in the business markets. This sector is also known to be the major hub of multiple commercial activities and establish the foundation of every business. To meet the demand for professional manpower in this vast sector, IRESCO also offers experienced staff in this industry round the clock.

Education and Teaching:

We offer highly skilled and exceptionally qualified teaching and training staff to Saudi Arabia and other Gulf countries that provide their reliable services in millions of Institutions. And play a major role in educating our young generation.