E-Recruitment Process

International Recruitment & Executive Search Company (IRESCO) facilitates employers and employees at one single platform with the help of our E-Recruitment services. We offer them a reliable way to interact and make friendly relations with the help of our efficient software that is designed specifically to keep the data intact. The software also helps our professionals in shortlisting candidates and keeps their resumes stored at one data center.

Thus, when the employer finds a certain number of candidates for the vacant positions, then the HR department provides multiple relevant details through the system provisions. So when the position is available, we handle everything all together in a professional way. Our database tends to filter multiple job types, different relevant locations, and the main service domains as well as the experience level of the candidate. Our E-Solutions work hard to correspond with thousands of clients and candidates from Pakistan.

Submit Online Applications through Smart Phone Apps:

Many time, there are lots of elements that don’t look much familiar to the people so they try to find out the alternate solution for better performances and result in oriented solutions. That’s why our Electronic Solutions make it convenient for all the employers and provide easy access to filter thousands of ideal job candidates. After that, they work hard to change or post some latest job descriptions for quick filtration.

IRESCO professionals are efficiently developing the module which offers the complete access to not only the hiring authorities in different foreign countries. But also help job seekers from Pakistan to log in with their allocated credentials. After that, they can find amazing job opportunities which can be exactly matched with their skills, education, and experience.

Filtering also looks easy with this process, as users can simply create strong connections with the help of this platform. IRESCO make the recruitment process easy for the employers from the Middle East as well as for the Job Seekers in Pakistan for ideal future.

Utilization of Latest Technologies for Making the Hiring Process Easy:

IRESCO is proud to announce that we utilize latest and high profile technologies and prefer using some comprehensive software applications to make the hiring process easy and quick. Our company data will be completely configured, safe & secure at all stages. As everyone knows that there is direct employer interaction with every job candidate, but the process is not so easy so both employers and employees use our portal.

We provide complete access to our premium candidates and potential members to collect some relevant and significant details. After that, we select CVs and forward them to respective employers.

Establishment of Human Resources Department in Different Countries:

IRESCO’s Human Resource departments are established in different countries such as Saudi Arabia, UAE, Qatar, Bahrain, Algeria, Malaysia and Kuwait and Europe as well. Our clients request us to arrange various online interviews and we try to do it in the best way possible with our smooth consultancy services. Our vast data bank is used for handling several tasks like resumes updated, profiles update and new job posts collections.