Prerequities and Formalities

International Recruitment and Executive Search Company (IRESCO) is a well-known and reliable platform and considered to be the primary solution to get the best international job placement. The company is striving to provide multiple professional opportunities for reputed companies. The company has been following important features and takes non-experienced, experienced professional job seekers from Pakistan.

We also perform the highly complicated procedure of CV collections to shortlist and offer the best consultancy. After that, we conduct an interview and start final job processing which is considered important for the comfort of each candidate.

Application procedures for the candidates:

The most important step in the initial phase is submitting an application through our job portal IRESCO. We build exceptional ways to process the recruitment system and offer the solutions to provide the candidates from Pakistan with suitable jobs in executive range or the labor category.

Here we have mentioned basic process activities for your basic understanding.

Application submission for published job posts:

All the candidates are advised to subscribe our main website IRESCO to get latest updates about new job openings and their destination, complete salary package, niche and the experience details. You can even get mobile alerts or download our app at later stages. You can have some closer look at what kinds of requirements the company is demanding and whether if it is relevant to your skills, knowledge, and experience.

Update your CNIC, Passport, and License:

If you want to be placed in the attractive job position in foreign countries, then you should keep all the legal documents completely updated. Above all, you should also check out that if your CNIC is valid, and try to get your Identity Card for Overseas Pakistanis.

Moreover, you should also keep your driving license valid in case of applying for some sensitive or concerned jobs. Thus, if you need to have the transport or cars then you should also be able to get qualified for this country’s rules so that they issue the local driving license on your performance. You should also get your passport ready during interviews and visa processing.

Follow the Rules and Interview Codes Properly:

Sometimes you can also get online interview calls by your hiring authorities from foreign lands. You should be able to arrange the video conference with the recruiters. Sometimes, their representative also requests us to conduct initial interviews with the help of reference or resources, and during all these proceedings we suggest you be formal and come up with relevant skills and knowledge.

Finding original testimonials:

After the interview process, you should check if you have all the original documents such as testimonials, educational degrees, experience certificate and the diplomas. If you think there is something missing then you need to contact your educational institution and collect the updated and original documents. This is the basic formal legal requirement as whatever you have mentioned in your resume must be present with you at the interview time so that your recruiting authorities can review and make the final decision.

Valid Experience Letters and Certificates:

If you are an experienced professional and have worked in different organizations then its mandatory to collect all the job experience letters to prove your validity of whatever you are referring to in your CV. It’s a very important and sensitive thing to submit the accurate details and information transferred to IRESCO and to the hiring organization. It would save you from different problems, future concerns and also the legal procedures.