Recruitment Cycle

International Recruitment and Executive Search Company (IRESCO) is responsible to provide you the ideal job updates and proficient fresh graduates or executives to all the reliable organizations in Middle Eastern Countries. We are striving to take the companies and the employees both on the same pitch by offering best manpower solutions.

Here is our step by step recruitment guide along with the training and information system;

1. Job posting and Announcement:

It’s significant to highlight that IRESCO is already established as a company and has multiple direct connections with reputed and reliable companies in foreign countries. Our professionals help us find a white collar or blue collar job opportunities. After that, we post the jobs on our official website so that candidates can view and apply for the position. After that, you can choose to post your job you find most reliable according to your qualification, skills, and experience.

We have the team of best professional Human Resource Specialists who can shortlist a vast number of applicants based on different necessary parameters after the careful demonstration.

2. Resume Collection:

It’s important to keep in mind that, every single resume is important on our job portal. Our professional staff members prefer to maintain the records in their database and then recommend best people for all the future positions. Our resume collection and efficient scrutiny take lots of time. Thus, after putting great efforts, we select some perfect candidates for the recommended requirements. We also save the resumes for future considerations.

3. Short Listing of Candidates:

Just like every large organization, our shortlisting process also takes some time. Job seekers need to wait for the call while deciding to choose the desired job position. We have millions of applications for different positions like executives or for labor roles. That’s why; it’s hard for our professionals to forward the resumes to the hiring authorities, so we scrutinize the first, and then shortlist reliable and talented candidates.

4. Conducting Interviews:

After the process of shortlisting and forwarding your resume to the concerned authorities, our members initiate further processing. They schedule the job interview and see whether it needs to be conducted via video conference or live with company employees in Pakistan. There are many organizations who take us to the recruitment agents on their behalf, and then we hire some efficient candidates for the available posts.

5. Visa Information and Professional Consultancy:

After ending the selecting process, the recruiters inform us that they have selected the candidate and allow us to go ahead for further processing. After that, our team members provide the hired job candidates with complete Visa consultancy. Our professionals guide the employee in the best manner and help him in clearing the complicated procedure in a short time.

6. Training & Orientation Sessions:

IRESCO also launch an advanced and efficient training session that assist the candidates intelligently and help them understand the job process. The culture, language, style of living, and different other legal factors also explained carefully according to the job requirements.

7. Clearance of Medical Tests:

IRESCO assists job seekers in arranging different sessions of medical tests and Examinations which are mainly assumed to be the most important factor for Saudi Arabia, Middle Eastern countries and sometimes for Europe as well. That’s why we arrange these necessary medical tests right according to the recruiter’s demands where the candidate has to go after clearing medical fitness exam.

8. IRESCO’s Traveling Process:

Our professionals guide all the candidates during traveling and ticketing procedures as some people may not have traveled by air before. So most of them are not well informed about the difficulties and systems of immigration, and many other things to carry and also about the boarding process. Thus, our staff members train them well, so they can feel confident about their journey.

9. Update and Tracking of All Employees:

Finally, at the end of our recruitment process, it is also important to note that IRESCO maintains a regular record and track the performances of their employees who have been recruited through our company.

Therefore, if an employee is experiencing any issue or have disputes with the company, then our professionals guide them in an efficient manner. Though it’s clear that we do not get paid in such kind of cases, we also consider it our prime responsibility towards our fellow countrymen who looking for the ideal positions in foreign countries for brighter future.