Staffing Solutions

Our staffing solutions are one of the efficient, recognized and exceptional services among others. There is a huge number of Local & International people that have benefited from our staffing solution campaigns and we have also assisted multiple companies in outsourcing thousands of candidates.

Our Staffing Solution Section:

The unique process of outsourcing with the help of reputable agencies is now getting common day by day. So keeping this in our mind, we need to consider all the challenging and dynamic industry trends. We at IRESCO work hard to develop the most efficient outsourcing team. Therefore, we have also created a great staffing solution section which may deal with the staffing solution matters.

Our experts offer best helps to the companies in organizing their Human Resource and the Administration Departments. We provide the companies to select either Staffing Solution or HR Services with the suggestions of experts or can even choose dynamic staffing solution plan which might look demanding and meet the industrial standards. There are various kinds of recruitment stages which can be utilized in outsourcing within the organization and the staffing solutions offered by IRESCO Recruiting Company.

Extensive Training Programs:

IRESCO offers most extensive training programs and offers the best staffing solution. All the candidates are basically outsourced and recruited through our agency, in order to utilize the individual’s best competencies and strengths, we always believe in the refreshment of training programs. We also provide full- fledged staffing solution plan that offers efficient training of outsourced candidates. Our team offers a managed solution that specifically combines our HR solutions for the selected and outsourced candidates. Our direct staffing solution seems to be a good part of a facility which is offered by IRESCO Recruitment Company.

Payroll Staffing Solutions:

Payroll staffing solutions look like the most reliable & desirable solution offered by IRESCO. Candidates can be outsourced and selected with the help of our company on a contract basis and may get some bright future opportunity to enhance their skills and abilities in order to become a professional and permanent employee of the organization.

We provide best solutions to all the organizations due to our growing business environment and forces of Globalization which may impact the bright nature of our business operations, in order to take care of the significant needs of our settled clients.

Moreover, we prefer to provide HR outsourcing solutions and feasible Staffing Solutions within the huge range of industries. We provide the most effective programs and solution which enable our clients to choose a reliable staffing solution for their companies.

IRESCO offer the best staffing solutions in the following disciplines:

  • Managed Staffing Solution
  • Traditional Staffing Solutions
  • Direct Staffing Solutions
  • Payroll Staffing Solutions
  • Temp-to-Direct Staffing Solutions

Overseas Recruitment Agencies in Pakistan:

IRESCO is basically an Overseas Employment Agencies in Pakistan which is playing a strong role in the economy and growth of the country. So as a result, all the Pakistanis around the world are now becoming a helping hand of overall world’s economy. We are also playing the best part in Overseas Employment of Pakistanis.

IRESCO is considered to be one of the most ambitious Overseas Employment Agencies in Pakistan that offer efficient staffing solution and world-class Recruiting Services at your doorstep. The services are quite comprehensive and professional for all the candidates. We choose to hire the candidates that always rely on merit and ensure that the personnel provided to every client are the real candidates and are able to perform well in all stages of life.

IRESCO; Most competitive Manpower agency in Pakistan:

IRESCO has the recognition to provide the best employees from Pakistan, and it has never been so easier because there are always multiple hurdles and challenges faced by these companies in Pakistan. And in turn, the candidates usually face these things just because of the inefficiency of their agency. There is a huge number of Employment Agencies are just working to exploit the public by providing them the wrong information and misguide them. But IRESCO has changed the market trend by offering best results, transparency and the candidate involvement at each step.

We have been successfully managing the recruitment solutions and providing thousands of candidates from Pakistan to Saudi Arabia and in other countries, and there is no single incident has been reported yet where the candidate has suffered financially.

Need for choosing reliable recruiting Agencies in Pakistan:

IRESCO believe that there is a more room for improvement in every business industry. The human resource sectors such as Overseas Employment Industry in Pakistan is now facing multiple tough challenges every year because of insufficient standards and some unverified services. Thus every year, there are millions of Pakistanis who are exploited by such fake agents. That’s why the Requirement of a good Recruiting Company Pakistan has been there from the start in order to possibly reduce the difficulties of common Pakistanis who strive to earn and make their lifestyle better outside Pakistan.

Our professionals believe that everything we have highlighted in our mission statement is 100% true, and they always work hard to continue and offer world-class Recruitment Services in Pakistan for Overseas Employment for Pakistanis.