Training and Skill Development

International Recruitment and Executive Search Company are not only committed to providing reliable jobs for the job seekers in Karachi and Lahore. But also strives to offer a great manpower to all the recruiters across the globe. Our professionals are strongly involved in making the best Human Resource capital on quite a huge Scale with the provision of exceptional Training and Skills.

Our efficient members tend to conduct various online sessions like several webinars and then try to perform multiple orientation sessions for the motivation of every single job seeker. People also engage in our development sessions as there are some best rewards and certifications for everyone who is working hard to go abroad for availing attractive job roles.

Acquire necessary Training with IRESCO’s professionals before choosing Offshore Jobs:

IRESCO members try to provide the most reliable solutions for the job recruitment problems and then conduct various sessions and job interviews. After the initial process, the offshore companies choose the suitable personnel. But our members still prefer to train all the candidates even if they are exceptionally qualified people. The training system usually includes thousands of amazing factors which are highlighted below:

Some primary Training Areas:

  • Medical Examination policies
  • Necessary Computer Skills Learning
  • Visa Consultancy according to Country Policies
  • Job Violations that May lead to fire and deport
  • How to handle the resources and then sending them back to Pakistan
  • Some basic Language Courses
  • General laws and legal rights of foreign residents
  • Recruitment Policies of Each Country
  • Important guidelines to follow in case of loss of passport or work permit etc.

When you get training from IRESCO mentors, they will help you enhance your skills right according to the Global standards.

When you will enter into the process of job selection and recruitment, then IRESCO member would simply offer you best assistance and assist you to grasp an efficient understanding of choosing golden opportunities.

How IRESCO helps you perform well in Foreign Working Lands?

IRESCO helps you train about each and every aspect of the job, like how to retain your jobs and boost your skills in the foreign working lands like Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Oman, Muscat, Bahrain, UK, and the USA as well. Our professionals help you design your efficient working skills and polish the lacking factors according to the needs of industry for understanding the major reasons of having a reliable amount of scope and action in your job search to get you on board as the best employee in the foreign company.