Quality Inspector – QA – Fabrication Jobs In Bahrain

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    2 years ago
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    August 3, 2019
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Purpose and Scope:
To get perfection in the work at floor and to maintain the goodwill of the organization.




Incoming Inspection

1. Quality Inspector must follow the Customer Specification & approved standards in order to determine the received material Quality.
2. Quality Inspector will ensure that received material is according to the approved standard/ Specifications & if QA found any major problem, he/ she must immediately inform to the Quality supervisor in order to take corrective & preventive action.
3. Quality Inspector will prepare In-coming Material Inspection Report (QAS F-01) & get sign form supervisor Store.
4. Quality Inspector will conduct the inspection against Invoice.
5. Quality Inspector will review the report with Quality Supervisor & keep the record in file. However, he/she also will prepare the data for resorted deliveries in order to determine supplier’s performance.

Processing Inspection

1. Quality Inspector will conduct the greige inspection on 4 point system for out-source greige procurement, but within Bahrain. However, after inspection he will prepare the Greige Inspection Report.
2. Quality Inspector will collect the grieg swatch samples from Weaving & handover to LAB for performance testing.
3. Quality Inspector will collect the shade swatches form Folding Machine Operator of every roll`s start & end in order to make 2 sets of ladder continuity for Manager/ Supervisor Quality review.
4. Quality Inspector will check the color shade, against approved standard/ Data value (CMC) & visually.
5. Quality Inspector will inform to relevant department for RE-CHECK/ FAIL Rolls if any & keep the RE-CHECK rolls in rack number-18 & FAIL-05.
6. Quality Inspector will keep one copy of ladder continuity in file for at least 03 months.
7. After completion of samples, Quality Inspector will take back fabric rolls form sampling room and keep in relevant rack with proper tag.

Cutting Inspection

1. Quality Inspector will get specification plus approved color standards from Supervisor Quality.
2. Quality Inspector will verify fabric rolls against approved standard/ approved shade continuity before cutting starts and also check randomly fabric layers. If fond any problem will immediately inform to Supervisor Quality.
3. Quality Inspector will ensure that cutting is being carried out as per Stitching Program Sheet and customer’s Specification.


Quality Inspector will verify cut size, Marking, Panel & Direction of each article before range cutting.
5. Quality Inspector will report on day to day activities to supervisor and get instruction to solve issue if any.
6. Upon approval of any commercial decision, sign of (QAM) shall be taken on cutting report.

In-Line Inspection

1. Quality Inspector must review approved Stitching sample & get the specification from Quality Supervisor, If any query will discuss with him immediately in order to avoiding any confusing.
2. Quality Inspector will cross check the Panel & Direction of each article before starts stitching.
3. After reviewing first piece of production for each size & color, Quality Inspector must prepare “Approval Check List” sheet.
4. Quality Inspector will verify matching thread & type, stitched per inches, required size, actual size, direction, labels placement, presentation & trims.
5. Quality Inspector will be responsible for In-line Quality operation as per Customer specification. However if He/ She finds any major problem during operation must stop the machine & immediately inform to Supervisor Quality.
6. Quality Inspector must verify every roll’s shade against approved standard prior to putting up on (TEXPA) machine if finds any shade deviation OR other defects, immediately inform to Quality Supervisor in order to get salutation.
7. Quality Inspector must monitor all defects related to Stitching including fabric & etc.

Packaging Inspection

1. Quality Inspector must review approved packaging sample prior to Packaging of a new design/ color.
2. Quality Inspector must get the specifications from Quality Supervisor & review it. However, If fond any query must discuss with him immediately in order to avoiding any confusing.
3. Quality inspectors must compare first packed piece sample, with approved packed sample & specification.
4. Quality Inspector will prepare the In-line Inspection report on F04 & get sign from Quality Supervisor.
5. Quality Inspector must ensure that all Folding size’s stiffener must be as per spaces.
6. Quality Inspector must monitor running production as per approved standard.
7. Quality Inspector must verify product & carton weight, General Appearances, Barcode. UPC Stickers, Size Stickers, and other stickers if required, Tags with zipper, Price stickers, Poly bags thickness, closing, sizes, Per cartons packing, Inlay Card / Insert, Shade variation etc.
8. Report on day to day activities to (SQA) and get instruction to solve issues.

Shipping Information

1. Quality Inspector must verify the presentation of container/ Truck & replicate the Container check list.  (QAS C-01).
2. Quality Inspector should have verified of shipping mark right placement of cartons, Shipping marks, Cartons appearance, Cartons Weight, & etc, according to spaces.
3. Quality Inspector finds out the problem first hold the consignment & inform to SQA & Sup. Shipment.
4. After showing the problem making the report F-06 & sup. Shipping signed it.

General Information

1. Quality Inspectors must Share the previous shift problems to reliever (Q-A) personals.
2. Any other tasks that maybe assigned by Quality inspector.
3. First of all Quality Inspector must have to collected proper awareness regarding of Spaces & continuity shade.
4. If Quality Inspector does not understand any things in Spaces, M/O No, Continuity, & etc you must have to share  your problem with SQA, Asst.QAM & (QAM) regarding this issue.
5. Quality inspector should have rewired at least one time production sample before doing inspection.
6. Every one Quality Inspector responsible their relevant jobs, & works, if any type of problem find out in inspection So (QAM) taken action against of Person.
7. QAM & Asst QM authorize to take disciplinary action against (Q-A) Personnel On unsuitable activities.


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